Miyazaki Aoshima

It takes about 15 minutes by car to Miyazaki Airport to SURFCITY in Qingdao

This is our clubhouse (total area of 410 m²)  adjacent to Aoshima Seaside Park, that was renovated an 100 years old house.  The clubhouse comprises of Yoga studio, Reception,  Lounge · Workspace · Locker&Shower · Powder room · Garden.  While maintaining comfortability,  this antique house remains  heart-warming feelings.  As it is directly linked to Aoshima Beach and running course less than 30 seconds, you can use the shower immediately after activities.  You can bring work or have a meeting in the traditional Japanese lounge styled with vintage furniture.  Spend your own time by yourself and chat with your friends. You can use it as a base for sightseeing and surf trip, or a third place.

Aoshima beach is shallow and mellow, best for beginners.

90 min surfing lesson includes a board, wetsuits,  shower and coffee for 6600 yen. 

A variety of yoga is available in the antique studio.

Yoga class: 3,300 yen per class (75 minutes) including yoga mat and coffee.

90 min SUP lesson includes a board & paddles, wetsuits, shower and coffee for 7700 yen.

30 seconds from SURFCITY to the beach

It’s a shallow beach that people can try for the first time with peace of mind.

The surf school has board wet shower and coffee at 6600 yen in 90 minutes

A variety of yoga is done in a studio which remodeled an old private house.

It is 3,300 yen per class (75 minutes).
It is with yoga mat and coffee

The SUP school also has board, wetsuit, shower and coffee at 7700 yen for 90 minutes


you can sit back and relax to drink free drinks in the club lounge after activities.

Wide ranges of surfboard choices:
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Surf points around SURFCITY MIYAZAKI

Kizakihama Beach (Soyamaji) is  one of the main points in Miyazaki City, about 20 minutes south of National Route 220 and about 10 minutes from Miyazaki Airport by car.
The beach surrounded by the Kiyotake River and the Kaieda River is a long 3 km sandy beach,
suitable for beginners to advanced surfers. 

Aoshima point is next to the Aoshima swimming beach, the most popular beach of Miyazaki in summer.  The North side of Aoshima point is 2.2km long coast from Kaieda River to Kizakihama, where you can always choose your waves in a variety size of waves.  If you look for smaller waves when Kizakihama is too rough to get in, move closer to the Aoshima beach and enjoy surfing.   You can almost always find some waves you like anywehre on the long coast. 

Aoshima shrinehttps://aoshima-jinja.jp

Please come and enjoy Aoshima!!

Watanabe, Director of SURFCITY will help you!

Certified Instructor of Surfing Federation in Japan
Japanese Surfing Federation official A class referee
International Surfing Association Referee Level 2